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Itís been said that necessity is the motherhood of invention, and for Henschel, the nudging of a colleague initially prompted him to create Capture Me. 'Jonny (Macintosh) and I had talked about possibly making a worship album,' Henschel recalls, 'and a month later I had 15 songs that I presented to him.' By focusing on songs of worship, Henschel looked inward in ways he had never done before, which then produced the lovely outflow that is Capture Me. 'Writing worship songs was very vulnerable for me,' Henschel confesses. 'I kind of had to bring my heart out and really speak to the Lord and say, ĎThis is what Iím feeling,í in simple words. Thatís just where the whole album came out of; itís just this idea of the Lord capturing me. And he has captured my heart.' God called Joe Henschel to a life of worship at a tender age and has been faithful to continue the good work He started. Now, with the release of Capture Me, it is Henschelís desire that God will lovingly capture many more souls for the kingdom.

Capture Me

Songs by Joe Henschel

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Sweet Breath of God
Sweet Breath of God Capture Me Share this song with a friend FREE
My Heart Speaks
My Heart Speaks Capture Me Share this song with a friend £0.79
My Heart Speaks
Youíre My Victory
Youíre My Victory Capture Me Share this song with a friend £0.79
Youíre My Victory

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