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Over the past few years, Amy Lambert has won the hearts of Gospel music fans and professionals alike. It was Amy's own longing for peace as a child that led her into a life of ministry to others. "There are so many hurting people who need to be ministered to," she says "I believe God has allowed me to experience pain in certain areas of my life so I can understand the pain of others and help them in some small way. I have experienced things in my life that only the Lord could have brought me through. If I hadn't leaned on Jesus, I would never be happy today." And today Amy is certainly happy as well as successful. She has shared her message on the Gaither Video and Concert Series, the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), and on numerous programs on the Odyssey Channel including "Swan's Place", "Southern Stage", and "Gary McSpadden's Gospel Jubilee". Amy Lambert official website.


Songs by Amy Lambert

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Worthy Is The Lamb
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