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Elman Authement is a songwriter and worship leader from Thibodaux, Louisiana. Elman has been writing music for over 30 years. He believes that worship through music is part of the activity of heaven. He believes there are songs being sung in heaven that are yet to be sung here on earth. It is his desire to tap into the music of heaven and bring it down to earth. Elman has recorded three CDs with the Thibodaux Family Church worship team. He just released a solo project called "Glorious Songs". Elman also travels doing a Christian comedian ministry in which he writes humorous songs and song parodies. One of those songs "Can't Stop The Rain" is included on his new CD. Elman and his wife Tina have raised 7 children and have 13 grandchildren. Elman Authement official website.

Glorious Songs

Songs by Elman Authement

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Faithful God
Faithful God Glorious Songs Share this song with a friend FREE
Everlasting You Are God
Everlasting You Are God Glorious Songs Share this song with a friend FREE

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