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Worship. Rock. Techno(logy).Three words that donít seem to fit very easily into the same sentence. Its just as well we arenít confined to sentences. The music of Bluetree is an experience. This experience may well be loud, bold and energetic. It may also be soft and so quiet you can hear the heart beat of the person beside you . You may be blown away by the powerful thud of the kick drum or the hypnotic wail of the electric guitars. However, if this is all you experience then your time with us may very well have been wasted. Through all the noises and beats, all the melodies and harmonies, what we want you to experience is the overwhelming presence of God. We want you to forget the lights, the stage and the hundreds of people around you. Forget the sound system that is assaulting your body with so much bass you feel like your being punched in the chest. We invite you to lose yourself in worship. Worship of the Almighty. Bluetree official website.

God of This City

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When I Survey
When I Survey God of This City Share this song with a friend FREE

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